DIY Highlighter

Hey everyone! It’s been forever! I haven’t had time to write lately but things are starting to calm down so that means I can start getting more blog posts out every week. We just got a new kitten and have most of our wedding plans done so I have some more free time to play around with makeup, yay! 

Tonight I decided to make my own highlighter. It’s my favourite makeup product and I had just finished a Physicians Formula powder which meant I had an empty compact lying around. I decided to use a beautiful white sparkly eyeshadow that I never tend to reach for because I thought it would look beautiful on the cheek bones! This highlight was super easy to make and I had everything around the house so basically it was free which is even better. Below are the ingredients you need and the steps on how to make this beautiful highlight! Let me know in the comments if you’ve made your own beauty products and what your favourite product is that you have in your collection!

Ingredients Needed:

  • Empty compact
  • Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol
  • Sparkly white or champagne eyeshadow  

IMG_3625       IMG_3624


  1. If you have a pressed eyeshadow crush it up into a powder and pour into the compact, if you already have a powder eyeshadow then just put it into the compact.
  2. Spray the powder or pour in the hydrogen peroxide or the rubbing alcohol, little at a time until you make a paste.
  3. Mix all of it up and then press down with the back of a spoon until all is smooth into the compact.
  4. Fold up a paper towel and press gently down on the mixture until no more liquid comes up.
  5. Leave the compact open over night to let dry.
  6. Your homemade highlighter is ready to use!! Great job!!



Kenzie XO


Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator Review

Vasanti is a brand I’ve heard of many times. They sell it at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and online. I got this sample of the Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator in my Topbox IMG_3465this month and I couldn’t wait to try it! Needless to say, I loved it. I feel like this is an exfoliator that could be used as an everyday cleanser at night to help remove makeup. Although it does say to only use 3-5 times a week. It’s super gentle but really gets in there and into your pores to get all the nasty gunk and dry skin off at the end of the day. 

On the Vasanti website the travel size which is the size I was given in my Topbox is sells for 8$ CDN. There full size sells for 34$ CDN which isn’t too shabby at all.

I would for sure recommend this product to someone looking for a gentle exfoliator.

Kenzie XOXO 

My all time favourite winter moisturizer

This time of year my skin is so beyond dry, it’s crazy. For the past few years I’ve always IMG_3463been pretty lazy when it comes to applying moisturizer, I think it was because during my teenage years I had such bad acne that I was always scared that if I used any type of moisturizer that it would cause me to breakout even more. 2018 is different though, when I was making my resolutions before the New Year I decided that I was going to make one of them to apply moisturizer every morning and every night. Honestly my skin has never looked or felt better, knock on wood it’s super soft and I currently only have one small breakout due to female issues. 

The moisturizer that I’ve been using is from the Shoppers Drug Mart Brand called the “Life Brand”. It’s the Vitamin E Ultra Rich Moisture Cream for dry and very dry skin types.  I thought at first this cream might be a little too heavy for me but it actually turned out to be perfect. It’s super thick but when you start to rub it in it completely dissolves into the skin.IMG_3464 It smells clean and fresh too, nothing too over powering which is always a plus in my books when it comes to skin care, I find that too much fragrance in face products causes my skin to burn. Another plus it that it’s super inexpensive, I think it was around 7$ CDN and you get 120 ml. This jar has lasted me about six months and I’m finally almost out but I will be rebuying it for sure.

Leave in the comments what your favourite go to winter moisturizer is!

Kenzie XOXO

Covergirl- Outlast All Day Lipcolor Review

I’m always up for trying new makeup especially lipsticks… I have over 350…I know I know, I have a problem. I’m sure over half of them are probably so close to the same colour but every formula is different so I love trying new ones. I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Covergirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor but I hadn’t given it a try, lucky enough I got a shade of it in my Topbox this month! 

The shade I received was 521 named Eternal Flame, it’s a beautiful deeper red with gold IMG_3461flecks in it, it’s now one of my new favourite colours in my collection. I prefer a liquid lip just because I find they tend to last a lot longer on the lips and they dry down so I don’t have to worry about them smudging during the workday. 

This lipstick claims to last 16 hours, now I’m not sure if it would hold up that long because I don’t tend to have my makeup on for more than 12 hours at most because I always wash it off when I get home before I work out so that I don’t get breakouts, anyways, I will say that this lipstick lasted a crazy long time. The longest that any liquid lip I’ve tried has. I put it on before I went to work at 9 and when I got off at 5 it was still on. It wasn’t near as vibrant as when I first applied it but you could still tell I had lipstick on.

I love that this comes with a top coat which helps keep the colour shiny and keeps yourIMG_3460.jpg lips feeling moisturized all day. The trick to applying this lip colour is to first put the colour on and keep your lips separated for around a minute so that the colour dries down, then apply the top coat and you’re good to go. Normally there is always stain left over on my coffee cups but when I use this there is no left over on my coffee! Whoot whoot! Now this is normally more expensive than I would spend on a drugstore lippie, it comes in at around 13$ CND but because it works so well I will for sure be buying some more for my collection! 

Stay tuned for my next blog post, a huge makeup haul!

Kenzie XOXO


Brand name vs Off brand Facial Exfoliators

I’m sure everyone knows what I mean when I say that the winter completely dries out my skin, it doesn’t matter how much coconut oil I use or heavy duty moisturizer my skin is still always dry. That’s were exfoliating comes into play, it’s such an important part in any skin care regimen but especially during the winter months.

I prefer a harsher exfoliator, I know most people tend to use a less grainy formula but for my skin, the only way to truly get the dry skin off is to use something harsh. Another very important key factor to me about an exfoliator is price. I’m all about saving money, some would call me cheap and y’know what? I’m okay with that so I’m always looking for the best cheap dupes for most products; below I’m going to talk about four different exfoliators, two actual drugstore brands and two dupes for them. I’ll rank them 1,2,3,4 to which one I liked the best and which was my least favourite. 

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub-  IMG_3398This product is a fan favourite. It’s the first exfoliator I ever bought and for the price you can’t beat it! You can find it at the drugstores but I get mine at Walmart because it’s the cheaper of the places coming in a $4.57. I love the smell of this product, very fruity and I love the exfoliating little particles in it. The ingredients actually state that the exfoliating parts are walnut shells. Keep that in mind if you or your spouse is allergic to nuts. Mind you, mine is but the walnut shells don’t bother him but just something to watch out for. I find this product gets most of my dead skin off but doesn’t leave my skin feeling too dry afterwards which some exfoliators can do. 

Equate Apricot Scrub- IMG_3400So this exfoliator is the off brand of the St. Ives one mentioned above, only it’s the Walmart brand. I can’t find it online to post a link or price but I think it was around $3.50 when I bought it. I found that this scrub was more grainy than the St. Ives one so I actually prefer it more just because it’s a little more harsh on my skin. I compared the ingredients and they are almost the same. This one uses walnut shells too so keep that in mind with this one too. 



Freeman Beauty Facial Creamy Scrub Apricot- IMG_3399This scrub would be perfect for someone who doesn’t like anything harsh, it’s super soothing and doesn’t have large exfoliating particles in it. It smells amazing too, which is always a plus in my books. I tend to use this more in the summer months when my skin just needs a little polishing but nothing too harsh, just a little perk up. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has super dry skin just because I don’t think it will get enough of the dry skin off. You can buy this at drugstores but once again I get mine at Walmart for around $5, I’m not sure if this sell this version any though because they have been re-branding and marketing their product. 

Dollar Tree Apricot Scrub- IMG_3397his one is the cheapest of the group only 1.25$ at the Dollar Tree or just 1$ if you live in the USA. I really liked this exfoliator, it made my skin super soft afterward but I did find that it was a little slimy on the face after I washed it off. For the price you can’t go wrong either the only problem is living in Canada we only have the Dollar Trees on the West Coast so with me living on the East Coast it’s impossible to get unless I’m out West or go to the states. 



1- Equate Apricot Scrub

2- St. Ives Apricot Scrub

3- Freeman Beauty Creamy Scrub

4- Dollar Tree Apricot Scrub

Kenzie XOXO

Water Ice Levin Suction Black Mask

I hope everyone had the most amazing holidays! I know ours were wonderful. I’m so so sorry that I haven’t posted in a few months, things have been insanely busy lately. I’ve been working two jobs and we recently got ENGAGED whoot whoot which means I’m in the middle of planning a wedding! I’m going to be posting about the wedding planning and wedding as well so stay turned for those posts! As one of my 2018 New Year Resolutions i’m going to try to post atleast twice a week! Hopefully I can stay on track. 

So let me start by saying I’m always up for trying new skincare. Since I was 12 or 13 I’ve had acne. I had it so severely when I was younger that I was on antibiotics and I was always using masks and creams to try to clear the acne up. I was given this mask for Christmas from my dad and I couldn’t wait to try it! I’d never tried a peal off mask before because I tend to go for the clay or overnight ones. 

I haven’t been able to find this mask anywheres but the Wish app and The Showcase store which is where my father purchased it from. I do find it a little concerning that there is no ingredients listed on the packaging or bottle. I like to know that I’m putting on my skin. I even tried looking them up online but they didn’t come up…probably shouldn’t have put it on my face but I wanted to give it a shot anyways, beauty is pain right?


First off, this mask is super powerful! It will pull out everything in your pores as well as the little tiny baby hairs on your face, also, it hurts like a mother trucker when you pull it off. I mean like really really hurts, I cried and ended up having to wash it off with warm water because I couldn’t bare to pull anymore off. I think I made the mistake of putting it all over my face when I should have use put it on my nose and T-Zone area. Last night I decided to try it again and this time I only put it on my nose and T-Zone, this time it was much easier to pull off and didn’t hurt near as bad. I noticed when I woke up this morning that where the mask was it almost looks as if it burnt the skin a little, it was extremely red and dry. 

All in all I will probably wait a while before testing this mask out again. Although it did pull all the gunk out of my pores, I just found that it hurts too much to pull off and I don’t like the idea that maybe there is a chemical in the ingredients that may have burnt my skin a bit. 

If anyone else has tried this before let me know in the comments what you thought of it! 

Kenzie Xoxo

AOA Highlighter Review (Shop Miss A)

Once again I’m reviewing highlighters, you guys are probably so sick and tried of hearing about them but I can’t help it, I’m obsessed, especially when they’re only 1$! I ordered this off the Shop Miss A website from there own line, AOA Studio and I wish I would have ordered more! They are amazing! They’re a baked formula which honestly I don’t normally like because I find they’re dry and not much pigmentation but these bad boys are totally different. I can use them wet or dry and they give the nicest shine to the cheekbones. They are too glittery which normally I wouldn’t like because the more glitter the better in my opinion but these surprised me and made me realize that sometimes just a bright shine is okay too.  I broke one but accident ( tripped over the darn cat) but it still works fine, just have to be a little more careful when handling them now.


DRY SWATCHES 1) Icing 2) Sno 3) Cupcake


WET SWATCHES: 1) Icing 2) Sno 3) Cupcake











ICING- This one is my favourite because of the icy blue and silver undertones. I’m all about the cool IMG_3174highlights, I’m not always so keen on the warmer tones. I love how this makes my cheeks pop and it isn’t too dark on my fair skin. I prefer to use this color while it’s wet because I just find it has more pigmentation than when it’s dry.



SNO- This color is super pretty! It has very pink undertones but it isn’t too over powering.img_3175.jpg This one looks amazing dry or wet so I tend to use it dry just because I’m lazy and don’t always like to wet the brush haha. I tend to reach for this one when I’m doing a simple makeup look but still want a little pop of color on the cheek bones, I normally pair this with a peachy blush because I feel those two colors really compliment each other.



Cupcake- I love this color but it’s probably my least favourite out of the three just because Iimg_3176.jpg find it a little too dark on my skin tone. It’s extremely gold and would look beautiful on someone with a deeper complexion it just pulls way too golden on me. The pigmentation is amazing though, the best out of the group. I love using it as an eye shadow though because it’s the perfect lid color!



Kenzie XO

Bitzy Body Glitter review

I’m obsessed with glitter, I will fully admit it. If everything in my life could be covered in glitter I would be on cloud 9! I’ve been looking for some good loose glitter eye pigments for a while now and when I found them at Sally’s Beauty Supply for only 2.69$ CDN each I couldn’t pass them up! I only got three of the seven colors because I wanted to see how they worked but I’ll be going back for sure to get all of them! The brand is called “Bitzy” I believe it’s a brand created by Sally’s because when I googled it ( because google knows everything right?) the only place it came up was on the Sally website. These glitters are so darn beautiful it isn’t even funny, I’ve been adding them to all my eye looks since getting them and I plan on using them for my Halloween costume for handing out candy. Can everyone say MERMAID ( yes, there will be a post about that)! Anyways let’s get on with this review.

Aqua Shimmer- This color is probably my favourite because of how bright it is and how it img_3161.jpggives any look a pop of beautiful shimmer. You have to use a good primer or it won’t stick to the eyelids and I put a little setting spray on my brush or finger to help pick it up. This color has specks of silver and I believe some gold in it maybe even some green, it looks different in every light but if you’re looking for something a little out there try this color for sure.


Flashing Lights- This is such a unique color because it has a silver base to it but it also has img_3162.jpgsome purple and gold in it in certain lights. It’s probably the most bold in terms of how it shows up on the eyes out of the three I bought. This would be perfect for a New Years look or even for just a special night out or if you just want to feel like a princess, eh I don’t judge!



La La Lavender- This is more of a finely milled glitter than the other two which I actually img_3164-e1509203099721.jpgreally enjoy because I find it was easier to apply to the eyelids. This color is literally straight up lavender in the container, like when you think of the color lavender, this is what should pop in your head. BUT when you put it on it comes out multi colored, like a rainbow almost. It’s beyond pretty and makes any look just a little more fun! It has some pink in it, silver, green, blue, purples!


I would totally recommend these to anyone looking for killer glitter! Plus the price is right which is always helpful to the purse strings. Below are a few swatches of the glitter on my arm!IMG_3166

  • Aqua Shimmer
  • Flashing Lights
  • La La Lavender






Kenzie XO

ColourPop Highlighter Review!

As you can probably already tell I LOVE HIGHLIGHTERS! They are my favorite makeup product and I think they can honestly bring fun and life to every makeup look. ColourPop has the nicest glittery cream highlighters that I have ever found. They apply so smoothly and have amazing staying power. I think that the moussey texture in the pan is so darn cool too, I’m so easy amused by strange products.

Honeymoon- This one is my all time favorite. I love the blue and silver in it, I’m all about IMG_3156the cool tones in makeup so this one is right up my alley. I use this one more than any other highlighter in my collection. I’ve hit pan on it and I’ll be buying a back up next time I put an order in! Please please please try this highlighter, you won’t regret it at all! 



Stole The Show- This is such a unique color. I has a yellow base to it but also has gold and IMG_3151green reflects in it. I think this one would be flattering on all skin tones because it isn’t too dark but it also isn’t too cool toned. I find this one is also less patchy then the others when applied because there is more of a shine to it and not so much of the glitter. 





Hippo- The name of this highlighter says it all. It’s a beautiful purple color with gold IMG_3153reflects in it. This isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for something too add some pop to your makeup look give this a try! I normally use two layers of this though just because I don’t find that the one layer gives enough shine to my cheek bones. 





Below are some swatches of the highlighters, I used flash for them! 

  • Honeymoon
  • Stole The Show
  • Hippo


Topbox- Beauty box subscription

I’ve always loved the idea of a monthly beauty subscription box. I love trying new product but living in Canada, we don’t have many subscription boxes available and the ones from the USA have super expensive shipping. I was so excited when I found Topbox because it’s fully Canadian! Whoot whoot! It’s 12$ a month with free shipping so with tax is comes to 13.80$ which is a wicked price when you get to try 4-5 samples a month. Below I have posted the pictures of the products I got for October and what I thought of them! P.S I was super impressed and plan on keeping the subscription for a long time! Hope you guys like it!


Elizabeth Arden Push Up Lip Gelato- I thought these were really pretty colors but the IMG_3087package just isn’t practical, I never carry lip brushes in my purse during the day so I couldn’t re-apply these but I really enjoyed the texture of them and may consider buying a full size of a color if it comes in tube form.





IMG_3088Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner– This is such a pretty bottle and it literally smells so darn good, it has Lavender in it which I love and it just makes my face feel so clean and soft after I use it. It’s made in Italy too which makes it feel even more luxurious. I probably won’t buy the full size just being I don’t use toner very much but if you’re someone who does, this is for sure a product you need to try.



IMG_3090Smashbox Photo Finish Primer– I had always heard so much about this primer but I’d never tried it until now so I was super excited to find it in my beauty box this month. It makes my skin feel so smooth and my pore so blurred. It helped keep my foundation from getting oily as fast and helped to keep my dry spots from poking through. I’ll be buying the full size of this for sure!


Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara– I love me a good mascara, I’m always trying to IMG_3089find one that gives me tons of volume and length so I was pumped to see this in the box. I’ve never heard of the brand before but let me tell you this mascara is the I gives so much length and makes them look so full! I probably won’t buy the full size though just because I like trying out new ones and I don’t want to spend that kind of money on just one.



Kenzie xo